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The BIG boutique launch masterclass!

The BIG boutique launch masterclass!

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Are you ready to start your online boutique?

Looking for quality vendors?

Not sure how to brand or niche down in what seems to be an over saturated market?


Class starts 12/30/2020!!  It is a limited class for only 5 students. To ensure that you get to keep your business as exclusive as possible.

Here is what to expect in the audio/video course:

 How to start a boutique- How to launch! 
💎 Where to source quality and low cost vendors for women, men, and children. Accessories, shoes, and purses.
💎 How to price your products ( What should be included in your total product cost, and how to cut back on shipping costs.)
💎 Find your niche within the boutique market.
💎 Create a brand and discuss marketing tips.
💎 How to private label with your vendor... or get labels printed for your clothing on your own.
💎 Custom packaging vendors.
💎 Where to get low cost logos... ( $5- $30).
💎 How to build your own Shopify website.
💎 How to negotiate clothing prices.
This class is broken into multiple modules to really break down each section and get you fully equipped with all the information you need to successfully launch and run your online  boutique. Please note that information regarding opening a storefront will be in a separate course that builds upon this information. 
This class will briefly discuss registering your business. 
If you're ready to gain a lot of information and insight into the boutique/clothing industry then click below and get registered today! Link to access class materials will be sent on the day of the first class.