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Self Discovery Workbook

Self Discovery Workbook

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Healing ain't easy..... but we try our best to power through it. 

Operating at max capacity is not healing. You need space to invite growth, and new opportunities. Journaling in an organized way removes the clutter of healing and peeling away layers.

Our Self Discovery Workbook was created to support healing on your terms. A way to declutter, learn, and evolve. 

Choosing when, where, and how to release. 

This workbook is not a journal but a step by step guide on how to build self development, release, eliminate trauma and toxic thoughts, people, places, and things. But most importantly healing and opening up room for all the blessings coming your way. 

Enjoy the flexibility of working in it on your schedule with the benefits of feeling like you're in a coaching session. All of the materials you need to be successful in achieving your needs is included in this book. 

26 pages of activities on finding your way within.

Page activities include:

- Self discovery 

- Self improvement

- Character strengths 

- Emotion chart/ Feeling exploration

- Obituary chart ( This is the part where you get to bury anything that does not serve your higher purpose). 

- Habit awareness

- Exercises on reflecting and so much more! 

Each book comes with an affirmation pen that should only be used for your workbook.

We can't wait to ship your order to help you heal, release, and invite growth!