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Mindful Matters Coaching Academy

Mindful Matters Coaching Academy

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Welcome to finally taking the leap in sharing your gifts to uplift others!! You are officially becoming a certified life coach, an advocate, a guide, an emphatic leader!! 

This  training program is packed with educational content and skill training. 

Our online route is a module based program for those seeking online learning.  

What does this program include:

In person-


  Book & Coaching Document Starter Kit.

 Part 1.

Self reflection- Is my foundation solid? Practitioner self care techniques. What is my niche? What's my passion? Who do I serve? 

Coaching ethics and professional standards

Core Competencies- Broken up into the following modules- (Setting the foundation, co-creating the relationship,communicating effectively, and facilitating learning and results.)

Curriculum setting

Coaching platforms

Setting Boundaries

Contracts/ Independent contractor


Part 2.

Skill training, basic motivational interviewing, client setting.

Client documentation review. Client log format.

Mock client practice

Branding and marketing. ( Audience/ Target Market) 

One on one time scheduling. 


THIS IS THE SAME ROUTE FOR ONLINE LEARNERS. However, online learners will be able to pace their learning and schedule multiple one on ones with the instructor.


Every student will be expected to complete an internship of client log documented coaching. It is expected that you coach 2 clients for free for a total of 24 documented hours. ( 1 hour a week for 4 weeks with each client. 2 hours of preparation and documentation per meeting.)


Each student will be expected to meet with their instructor once a week via phone or zoom for check ins as they are completing their client log. 


Upon completing program expectations you will be certified and ready to start your coaching business!

This program is jammed pack with a lot of content, please be prepared for a full day of training.


Lunch will not be provided please plan accordingly. Lunch break will be at noon both days for in person training.