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30 Day Mindset Cleanse Workbook

30 Day Mindset Cleanse Workbook

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A guided workbook filled with journal prompts to assist with the 30 Day Mindset Cleanse. 

 30 days of self check moments, supportive environment, and group coaching to help you discover self, eliminate negativity, and face trauma. 

It's time to restore, reclaim and rejoice in your happiness. Be intentional with your time, and up level your life! 

Here's what to expect:

- Weekly Modules:

      Week 1. Self discovery

      Week 2. Restoration/healing

      Week 3. Relationships, Negativity, and trauma releasing

      Week 4. Self Wealth Wellness Plan

- Daily Journal Prompts & Worksheets. It is expected that you print the e-book or get a journal so that you can complete assignments daily.


It at least an hour a day to fully understand the journey of self discovery, and create a plan of restoration.  


Lets grow and heal!!