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Tea Bath Elixir

How do you relax?




 The Wellness tea 🛀 is the truth! I usually use it when I've had too many rough moments in my day. But I find it to be grounding and extremely relaxing. 

S. Culberson

I enjoyed the session! It was filled with positive energy, people, and great breakthroughs. I would recommend this to my family and friends. Martika you are an amazing woman filled with amazing gifts.

A. Wilkins

This has been such a lovely reset! I’m so focused in various areas of my life, where I’d previously let tasks overwhelm me. Martika checked in regularly and was a fabulous coach - she didn’t just provide generic responses... she really dug into issue with you, even sent voice recordings to help me through some questions. Such a wonderful experience and I now have tools to go back to when I need to recenter my focus.

S. Palmquist

I attended the Self Wealth Workshop and let me just say, Martika knows what she is doing and is extremely passionate about it. I appreciated her transparency on all issues. We never realize how important it is to connect to people who are also open about their own journey. The Meditation definitely set a tone for the start of each session. Cant Wait for her next event.

S. Harrison

I loved the workshop. Very thoughtful and powerful

L. Petty